Trust Anchor-Lok for Protection of Poured-In-Place or Pre-cast Concrete

Reduce construction time, eliminate extensive surface preparation and can be placed in service in less time than is required for other types of concrete protective lining systems.

The chemical and thermal resistance of ANCHOR-LOK Thermoplastic Lining Systems meet a variety of requirements for the protection of concrete structures regardless of size and configuration. ANCHOR-LOK sheet is available in various grades of Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF).

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ANCHOR-LOK expands the use of concrete to contain and convey EPA regulated materials such as corrosive, toxic, ignitable and reactive liquids and vapors, as well as abrasive solids and slurries. ANCHOR-LOK has excellent chemical, thermal and abrasion resistance and withstands external hydraulic pressure well in excess of a 100 ft. (30 m.) head. ANCHOR-LOK is available in flame retardant and UV-resistant grades for outdoor applications. Grades meeting USDA and FDA service requirements are also available. ANCHOR-LOK is used to line concrete:


• Trenches and Catch Basins
• Manholes and Piping
• Flumes and Chute Linings for Wet or Dry Applications
• Underground Storage Vaults and Chests
• Chemical Process, Storage and Waste Treatment
• Tanks
• Municipal Sewage and Water Treatment Tanks
• Clarifiers and Digesters
• Tank Farm Dikes, Tank and Pump Pads
• Specialty Industrial Flooring
• Concrete Ducts and Stacks
• Offshore and Shoreside Concrete Marine Pilings and Walls
• Pickling, Plating and Galvanizing Tanks
• Sumps and Pits

Frequently Asked Questions about Anchor-Lok

  • Q. Can I use this product for outside applications?
  • A. ANCHOR-LOK is not recommended for outdoor applications that can be subjected to temperatures below 40 F (4C)
  • Q. Will field welding be required?
  • A. In most cases, prefabricated ANCHOR-LOK structures do not require field welding and are ready to use after stripping the concrete forms.
  • Q. Does moisture affect the lining?
  • A. The ANCHOR-LOK lining will not loosen if moisture penetrates through the concrete from the exterior as can occur when coatings or linings are installed on concrete that is below grade or in areas with a high water table.
  • Q. Is the lining customizable?
  • A. ANCHOR-LOK can be cut, formed and welded into a variety of shapes and sizes. It can be prefabricated for shipment with final installation at the job site.
  • Q. What colors are available?
  • A.
    o ANCHOR-LOK PP – Tan
    o ANCHOR-LOK PVC – Dark Gray
    o ANCHOR-LOK PE and UVPP – Black
    o ANCHOR-LOK PE HMW and PVDF – White
  • Q.What are the sizes available?
  • A. Standard thickness is 3/16” (5 mm.); HDPE is also available in 1/8″ (3 mm.). PVDF is only available in 5/32” (4 mm.). Nominal sheet dimensions are 4′ 11″x 9′ 10″ x 3/16″ (1.5 m. x 3 m. x 5 mm thick). ANCHORLOK PE 1/8″ (3 mm.) thick is available in 4′ 11″ x 32′ 9″ (1.5 m. x 10 m.) rolls. All ANCHOR-LOK grades have smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Q. Are there technical service representatives available?
  • A. ATLAS maintains a staff of Technical Service Representatives who are available to assist you with the use of ATLAS products. In the event of difficulties with the application of ATLAS materials, the installation should be stopped immediately and the ATLAS’ Technical Service Department consulted for assistance.

Sample Projects

Anchor-loc floorAnchor-loc siteAnchor-loc beams

Download Datasheets:
Anchor-Lok Lining System
Installation Guidelines
Chemical Resistance Charts

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