Industrial Compounds—Electrical Repair

Porcelain Repair Kit

  • Quick and easy way to restore broken sections of porcelain insulators, bushings and other ceramic parts, either in the shop or the field.
  • Components available for purchase in kit or separately
  • Atlas Porcelain Primer
  • Epoxybond Adhesive Putty
  • Porcelain Glaze, available in brown and gray
  • Reduces down time with in-place application
  • Extends the life of costly replacement parts
  • Excellent resistance to weather
  • Suitable for rural, industrial and marine environments
  • No tracking with restored parts
    Download Datasheet

Pole Wrap

  • Reconstruction system for rotted or damaged poles
  • On-site repairs are fast and easy
  • Eliminates replacement during emergency
  • No loss of service during repairs
  • Weather resistant
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