About Atlas

Our Mission: To provide superior quality products and services along with the technical expertise to create value for our customers.

The year 2019 marked 127 years of service for Atlas Minerals & Chemicals. And as we look back on our history with pride, we also look forward to the future with a spirit of enthusiasm. Today, Atlas is regarded as a leader in the field of corrosion-resistant mortars, corrosion-resistant grouts, floorings and linings. This recognition is based on a solid background including a number of industry “firsts” in the field of non-metallic, corrosion-resistant construction materials. The following provides an overview of our progress since 1892, as well as our commitment to the many challenges ahead.

Our historical timeline

  • 1892 Atlas was founded in Lincoln, N.J., by Maximillian F. Wirtz, who began grinding and selling red shale for coloring pigment.
  • 1907 Company expanded to manufacture a line of refractory cements composed of refractory clays.
  • 1910 Atlas began manufacturing a hot-poured asphalt sewer joint compound known as G-K®.
  • 1917 Wirtz moved his operation to Mertztown, Berks County, to be near raw materials needed to meet production demands.
  • 1930 Developed the first chemically plasticized hot-pur sulfur cement, called MINERALEAD.
  • 1935 Introduced VITROBOND®, the first plasticized hot-pur sulfur cement for bonding brickwork used in pickling tanks. (This established direction for future growth in the field of controlling industrial corrosion.)
  • 1936 Red shale acid-proof brick was developed with Belden Brick Company.
  • 1937 Patented CARBO-KOREZ®, THE FIRST American chemical-resistant organic resin cement.
  • 1937 First polyvinyl chloride-based coating, ZEROK, was patented.
  • 1938 Patented NEOBON, the first neoprene coating.
  • Mid-1940’s Extensive research in resin chemistry (spurred by the industrial needs of our country during WWII). Also developed new construction methods for non-metallic corrosion-resistant construction materials including dual cement and modified dual cement systems. In addition, interlocking expansion joints for brick-lined tanks were developed.
  • 1949 Introduced ALFANE™, the first epoxy mortar in the U.S.
  • 1951 Developed VITROPLAST™, the first polyester mortar for use in the construction of CIO2 towers in the pulp and paper industry.
  • 1952 Developed FURNANE™ System to protect food plant floors from acids, alkaline detergents, cleaning agents and corrosives.
  • 1956 Acquired by the Industrial Group division of Electric Storage Battery Company, an international company manufacturing a variety of industrial and consumer products.
  • 1956 Introduced REZKLAD™ epoxy floor topping.
  • 1964 Formed two new sales divisions (Consumer Products and Industrial OEM Products) geared toward marketing diversification.
  • 1966 Developed FURATHANE™, the first high bond furan mortar.
  • 1967 New product development laboratory designed to keep Atlas competitive and in the forefront of technology.
  • 1968 Patented REZKLAD™ epoxy emulsion concrete repair material.
  • 1970 Introduced water washable grout for tile floors.
  • 1976 Designed CHEMPRUF™ lining systems for the protection of tanks and floors.
  • 1978 Employees purchased the company from ESB.
  • 1987 CHEMPRUF™ 100 series of reinforced coatings added to product line.
  • 1996 Introduced REZKLAD™ HP (High Performance) Water Washable Grout, now known simply as REZKLAD™ HP Grout.
  • 1998 Developed ATLASTIC™ 55 Sheet Membrane for industrial vessels.
  • 2000 Marketed ANCHOR-LOK™, a thermoplastic sheet lining system for concrete protection.
  • 2004 Developed moisture-tolerant products Rezklad E-Concrete Primer MT, ATLAS GC Primer and Red Furnane Setting Bed MT for application on “green” and damp concrete.
  • 2010 Formulated REZKLAD E-Hi Build 115 C, a 100% carbon-filled, novolac epoxy coating.
  • 2013 Introduced ATLAS VTF Novolac Grout C for use with the ATLAS VTF System.  The water-washable, carbon-filled novolac epoxy system is the optimal chemical resistant grout for vitrified tile flooring.
  • Every Atlas product reflects its innovative spirit and century’s long experience — a unique combination of vision and capability that makes for a true industry leader.