ATLAS VTF Novolac Grout

ATLAS VTF Novolac Grout is a water-washable novolac epoxy grout used in conjunction with the ATLAS VTF System.

ATLAS VTF NOVOLAC GROUT has good chemical resistance to a wide range of acids, solvents, caustics, and many by-products and cleaning compounds common to food, dairy, beverage, and other process floorings.

Backed by ATLAS Technical Service, this grout is engineered specifically with optimal performance and application ease in mind.

The ATLAS VTF System (link) consists of:

  • ATLAS VTF Setting Bed or ATLAS Setting Bed MT
  • Vitrified Tile
  • ATLAS VTF Novolac Grout
  • A variety of ATLAS expansion joints


FAQ’s About Atlas VTF Novolac Grout

Q: What colors are available?
A: Standard colors are black, gray, beige, and yellow. Many additional colors are available but subject to a minimum order quantity.

Q: Can narrow width joints be filled with ATLAS VTF Novolac Grout?
A: ATLAS VTF Novolac Grout is capable of filling joint widths as narrow as 5/64″ to 1/8″ (2mm to 3mm)

Q: Is ATLAS VTF Novolac Grout chemical resistant?
A: It has very good chemical resistance to a wide range of acids, solvents, caustics, and many byproducts and cleaning compounds used in food, dairy, beverage, and other process flooring.

Q: What is the best temperature range for the application of ATLAS VTF Novolac Grout?
A: The optimal temperature range for the application of most ATLAS products is between 70oF (21oC) and 85oF (29oC). Do not apply when room temperature is below 60oF (16oC) or above 100oF (38oC) or in direct sunlight.

Q: How do I apply ATLAS VTF Novolac Grout?
A: Do not proceed until the ATLAS VTF SETTING BED has been allowed to set long enough to support foot traffic.

Disperse ATLAS VTF FILLER over the surface of the floor. Sweep it into the open joints. Be certain the joints are full. Sweep away as much excess filler as possible.

Mix ATLAS VTF NOVOLAC GROUT RESIN and HARDENER per the stated ratio. Pour the material on the floor and slowly work the materials over the joints with a rubber squeegee. Continue to work the fresh material over the joints to allow the joints to become fully saturated. Remove excess.

Lightly broadcast ATLAS VTF FINE on the surface of the floor. Approximately one pound of material should cover 10 to 15 square feet.

Use a Raimondi 219 Maxitinita machine with grouting paddles to power grout the floor. Remove power grout residue using a squeegee.

Lightly sprinkle the floor with water. We suggest the use of a conventional “garden-type” sprayer. Use enough water to emulsify the resin and hardener. Use the Raimondi machine with nylon buffing pad (3M 5300 blue cleaning pad) to begin cleaning the floor. Remove residue using a squeegee. Repeat this step with a clean white pad (3M 4100) and remove residue with a squeegee a second time.

Remove any remaining residue with a mop or cellulose sponge. Use warm water with a small amount of dish detergent and change the water frequently. Apply sufficient pressure to remove residue but not enough to remove grout from the joints. Repeat cleaning until the surface is free of haze.

Q: How much will I need?
A: Due to the wide range of tile sizes and joint configurations, it is difficult to publish standard coverage information. We do have guidelines and can assist with theoretical material requirements based on specific project information. Please contact ATLAS’ Technical Service Department for more information.

Q: How do I clean my tools and equipment?
A: Nylon pad, soap and warm water will remove the materials referred to in this Data Sheet from mixing tools and equipment if cleaning is done immediately after use. Solvents, such as methyl ethyl ketone, toluene or xylene, will have to be used after the material has begun to harden. Fully hardened material will have to be removed by mechanical means.
Dispose of residues and wastes in accordance with the directions in the Safety Data Sheets and government regulations.

Q: What Altas VTF Setting Bed unit sizes are available?
A: Our ATLAS VTF Novolac Grout is available in
• Two – 5-gal. pails of Resin (40 lb. [18.1 kg.] ea.)
• One – 5-gal. pail of Hardener (36 lb. [16.3 kg.])
• ATLAS VTF Filler and Fine are packaged in 50 lb. (22.7 kg.) bags

Q: What is the mix ratio of ATLAS VTF Novolac Grout?

Atlas VTF Novolac Grout Weight Volume
ATLAS VTF Novoloac Grout Resin 20 lb (9.0 kg) 278 fl. oz. (8.21 liters)
ATLAS VTF Novolac Grout Hardener 9 lb (4.0 kg) 140 fl. oz. (4.13 liters)

Q: How do I store ATLAS VTF Novolac Grout?
A: Store all materials in a cool, dry place. Keep out of direct sunlight. In unopened, original containers most ATLAS materials can be stored for a minimum of one year.

Q: Are there technical service representatives available?
A: ATLAS maintains a staff of Technical Service Representatives who are available to assist you with the use of ATLAS products.

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