Atlastic 55 Sheet

Atlastic 55 Sheet is the ultimate high-temperature, polymer modified asphaltic membrane for industrial applications.

The reinforced, polymer modified asphaltic formulation of Atlastic 55 Sheet provides a virtually unlimited range of design for high-temperature, masonry lined process and storage vessels.

Atlastic 55 Sheet is ideal for process vessels common in chlor-alkali, phosphoric, sulfuric, fertilizer, and pigment processing and other chemical process industries.

Atlastic 55 Sheet is used in conjunction with a chemical resistant brick or masonry to provide protection for process vessels. This easy-to-apply, pliable sheet conforms to radiused and irregular shell configurations found in absorbers, drying towers, scrubbers, batch/attack tanks, cooling towers, and incinerators.

Application consists of Atlastic 55 Primer on the steel or concrete substrate. Atlastic 55 Sheet is heated to soften, then applied and pressed in place to prevent any air entrapment. The sheets are joined with Atlastic 55 Rod applied over seams, heated and smoothed.

Depending on the design of the masonry or brick sheathing, Atlastic 55 Sheet can be used at process solution temperatures up to 325°F, or 163°C, and is resistant to variety of chemicals including water solutions of alkalies, salts and non-oxidizing acids. Applied exclusively by Atlas Authorized Applicators, quality and durability is ensured every time


Q: Is a masonry sheathing always used in front of Atlasic 55 Sheet?
A: Yes.  The masonry sheathing provides additional chemical, thermal, and abrasion resistance.

Q: What mortar should be used in the masonry/brick used in front of Atlasic 55 Sheet?
A: That depends on the service conditions.  Options are:
Vinyl ester: Chemester Mortar (link), Carbo-Chemester Mortar (link)

Q: Can Atlastic 55 Sheet be spark tested to ensure leak and pinhole free continuity?
A: Yes.  Applications on steel substrates are easily tested.  When installed on concrete a conductive primer must be used to utilize spark testing.

Q: Can Atlastic 55 Sheet be repaired if pinholes or voids are found?
A: Yes.  Repairs are very simple and outlined in the Atlasic 55 Sheet technical data sheet 

Q: Can anyone install the Atlastic 55 Sheet?
A: Atlastic 55 Sheet is installed exclusively by Atlas Authorized Applicators.

Q: To what substrates can Atlasic 55 Sheet be applied?
A:  The Atlastic 55 Sheet can be applied to structurally sound, clean, dry and contaminant-free steel or concrete.

Q: How are the tools and equipment cleaned?
A: Xylene, mineral spirits or hi-flash naphtha may be used for cleaning of tools and equipment.

Q: How is this product stored?
A: Optimal storage is in a cool, dry environment, free of direct sunlight at 75°F.

Q: Are there technical service representatives available?
A: ATLAS maintains a staff of Technical Service Representatives who are available to assist you with the use of ATLAS products. In the event of difficulties with the application of ATLAS materials, the installation should be stopped immediately and contact ATLAS’ Technical Service Department for assistance.


Download the datasheet.