Battery Manufacturing Industry

The product systems provided here are typically installed in these areas. Consult Atlas for product system verification based on specific project operating conditions.

Floors – General Production Areas

Industrial Floor with Atlastic 40 Membrane and Rezklad SR Mortar or Carbo-Korez Mortar and 8″ x 3-3/4″ x 2-1/4″ red shale brick
Rezklad E-135S
Rezklad E-SR
Rezklad E-HiBuild 110

Floors – Warehouse

Rezklad E-HiBuild 90

Floors – Office, Cafeteria & Locker Rooms

Rezklad E-AP and Rezklad E-HiBuild 90
Furnane Floor with Red Furnane Setting Bed, Rezklad HP Grout and quarry tile


Chempruf 2211

Containment Dikes

Chempruf 2211
Rezklad E-135S
Atlastacrete E-5000
Atlastacrete E

Walls & Structural Steel

Rezklad E-HiBuild 110
Chempruf 121
Rezklad E-135S


Thermoplastic Fabrications

Equipment Pads & Piers

Rezklad E-HiBuild 110 applied as a coating over concrete or steel
Atlastacrete E or Atlastacrete E-5000 for new or replacement polymer concrete construction Brick construction with Rezklad SR Mortar or Carbo-Korez Mortar

Machinery Grouts & Adhesives

Rezklad Machinery Grout
Rezklad Machinery Adhesive