Rezklad E-125S AR

Rezklad E-135S

  • Epoxy novolac resin, high solids
  • 98% sulfuric acid, concentrated hydrochloric and phosphoric acids, 20% nitric acid, 30% chromic acid
  • Organic solvents, dilute alkalies, alkaline hypochlorite solutions, dilute organic acids
  • USDA certifiable
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Rezklad E-135SC

  • Epoxy novolac resin, high solids, carbon filled Rezklad E-135S
  • 70% hydrofluoric acid, fluoroboric acid, fluorides, 50% sodium hydroxide, hydrofluoric/nitric acid blends
  • USDA certifiable
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Chempruf Hybrid Systems

Combinations of systems may be utilized for optimal performance in specific operating conditions.  Please contact our Technical Service Department at 800-523-8269 for additional information.