Rezklad E-SR

  • Epoxy novolac resin
  • 98% sulfuric acid, 40% nitric acid, 20% chromic acid, organic solvents
  • Resistant to 212°F (100°C)
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Furnane Floors

floors-furnaneUsed by the food, beverage pharmaceutical and electronic industries for chemical and thermal resistance in combination with sanitary regulations and esthetics.

  • Direct bond system
  • Masonry Units are bonded to the substrate with Red Furnane Setting Bed
  • An Atlas Grout or Mortar is used to fill the joints
  • The system can be installed using either the Tilesetter’s Method or the Bricklayers’s Method

Rezklad E-135S

  • Epoxy novolac resin, high solids
  • 98% sulfuric acid, concentrated hydrochloric and phosphoric acids, 20% nitric acid, 30% chromic acid
  • Organic solvents, dilute alkalies, alkaline hypochlorite solutions, dilute organic acids
  • USDA certifiable
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Industrial Floors

floors-industrialOffer outstanding resistance to aggressive chemical, vehicular traffic, impact and abrasion environments for floors, trenches, sumps and pits throughout chemical process, storage, containment and unloading areas

  • Heavy duty, aggressive environments
  • Impervious Membrane provides a secondary barrier to prevent liquid penetration to the substrate.
  • Chemical Resistant Mortar Setting Bed and Joints
  • Chemical Resistant Brick