Chempruf 2001 Series

  • chempruf2001Fiberglass mat reinforced linings
  • Suitable for severe thermal and chemical conditions
  • 1/8″ final thickness
  • Applied to concrete or steel substrates
  • For fluorides and high alkaline environments, Chempruf 2201 C and 2211 C are available.
  • For abrasive slurries and high velocity air containing particulates, use Chempruf 2001 AO Series
  • USDA certifiable
  • Read more about Chempruf 2211 Novolac Bisphenol F Epoxy

Download Datasheets:

Chempruf 2101 & 2102 Furfuryl Alcohol
Chempruf 2201 Bisphenol Epoxy
Chempruf 2211 Novolac Bisphenol F Epoxy
Chempruf 2301 Chlorendic Anhydride Polyester
Chempruf 2411 Novolac Vinyl Ester
Chemical Resistance Charts

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