Epoxybond Pool Putty

Stop Leaks and Repair Cracks in pools with Atlas EPOXYBOND POOL PUTTY.

There is no need to drain pools to repair leaks and cracks in concrete, plaster, or gunite pools. EPOXYBOND POOL PUTTY hardens underwater.

EPOXYBOND POOL PUTTY is the simple and easy to use solution for cracks, leaks, and chips in concrete, plaster, or gunite pools. Our special formula is a unique two-part, hand moldable epoxy that has been specially formulated for pool repair. Our convenient cartridge application is simple to use. Just cut, mix, and fix. Pools do not need to be drained as EPOXYBOND POOL PUTTY hardens under water. Once the product has been applied and cured it will not shrink or sag.

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  • Stop leaks
  • Fill cracks
  • Restore chipped tile
  • Fill voids
  • Repair spalled concrete
  • Limitless uses in and around concrete and plaster pool surfaces

Atlas Epoxybond products specialize in unique Pool Repair solutions. If you are seeking hairline crack repair or larger concrete pool patch repair see our specially formulated products.


  • Q: What is the mix ratio of the two Pool Putty components?
  • A: it is 1:1.  Cut equal parts of each tube and mix thoroughly.
  • Q: How long should I mix the putty?
  • A: Mix thoroughly until uniform.  When in doubt, mix longer.  It is often advisable to mix until warmth is generated.  That means the material is beginning to react and is ready for application.
  • Q: What is the setting time?
  • A: It depends on the air and/or water temperature.  Please see the chart available at (data sheet).  The setting of EPOXYBOND POOL PUTTY results from an exothermic reaction. Curing can be accelerated in dry areas by applying an external heat source, such as a heat lamp or hair dryer. Do not attempt to apply electric heat sources near water or damp environments
  • Q: What happens if the temperature drops below 60 F overnight?
  • A: The material will set slower. Additional time and warmth will be required.
  • Q: Is there a time of year that is ideal for repairing pool cracks? (ie water temperature)
  • A: Pool Putty will set quicker in warm air and water temperatures.
  • Q: Is there a waiting period to use pool after repair?
  • A: We recommend the putty remain undisturbed and free form turbulent water until set, but the pool can be used immediately after the repair is complete.
  • Q: What colors are available?
  • A: Epoxybond Pool Putty comes in Black and White. The black and white resin materials can be mixed to make variations of gray. It is important the ratio or resin to hardener remains 1:1 for proper curing.
  • Q: Can Pool Putty be tinted into custom colors?
  • A: The Rein (white tube) of Pool Putty White can be tinted.  Pigments are available at some specialty craft or paint stores.  Tell them you are tinting an epoxy.  Add the tint to the Resin portion and mix thoroughly before mixing with the Hardener.
  • Q: Does Epoxybond Pool Putty shrink?
  • A: Epoxybond Pool Putty will not yellow, shrink, or sag
  • Q: How do I know if my pool crack requires Epoxybond Pool Putty or Pool Paste?
  • A: Epoxybond Pool Paste (data sheet) is better suited for hairline cracks.  Pool Putty can be used for narrow cracks but we recommend “V”ing the crack to open it up a bit before application of the putty.
  • Q: How do you store Epoxybond Pool Putty?
  • A: Store all materials in a cool, dry environment. Keep all materials out of direct sunlight. Ideal storage temperature is 75 o F (24 oC). Protect from freezing. In unopened original containers, the materials referred to in this Data Sheet have a shelf life of approximately one year.
  • Q: Are there technical service representatives available at ATLAS?
  • A: ATLAS maintains a staff of Technical Service Representatives who are available to assist you with the use of ATLAS products.