CCM—Polymer Concrete

  • Rapid Cure
  • High physical strength
  • Excellent, varied chemical resistance
  • Pump pads, equipment bases, curbed containment area
  • polymer_mixing
  • polymer_pouring
  • polymer_screeding
  • polymer_finished

Atlastacrete E

Atlastacrete E-5000

  • Epoxy
  • 80% Sulfuric acid resistance
  • Cures in contact with damp surfaces
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Atlastacrete F

Atlastacrete VE

Rezklad® A-3000

  • Acrylic Latex
  • Leveling or resloping bed
  • Resin can be used as modifier for Portland cement concrete
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Rezklad® A-1000

  • Polymer modified portland cement
  • Mixed with potable water
  • Concrete repair and resloping material
  • Additive can be used for overhead applications
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Rezklad E-Concrete Filler

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